Newly Completed Mural for YMCA in New Castle, Pennsylvania

The Color Dreamers mural dream team complete new artwork for YMCA & HOYT Arts and Education Center

We just came back from our longest journey yet, New Castle Pennsylvania!

Home to the firework capital of the United States, the sleepy town of New Castle is also home to the Hoyt Arts and Education Center which hosts classes, exhibitions and public art programs geared at developing the city into the future.

We embarked on our journey late in August as we descended upon the small town located about 40 minute drive north of Pittsburgh. Along the way we encountered a baby blue colored bridge whose opening path led us along the hills that carved away at a the road to New Castle. Many of the homes, whose facades peppered in different bricks tones of raw sienna and burnt umber, laced the streets with their patriotic red, white and blue flags.

Many derelict buildings greeted us as we made our way into town. The windows of old structures stood shot out, cracked and exposed. The thriving town that once experienced growth due to immigration seemed to falter at the site of new development. Many of the store fixtures seemed as if frozen in 1970. The bouquets of florals hung from street posts creating an inviting aura with a myriad of spring flowers. We began to see the town unwind itself slowly.

We arrived at Hoyt Arts and Education Center, two mansions built in the 1940’s with patina colored tile upon the roofs, by a brother and sister who were the descendants of Lewis Stiles Hoyt. Both mansions stood on a stone walled grassy lots with numerous massive trees whose leaves had just begun to change colors for the season. The house we occupied was right across the street, a colonial home with porcelain chandeliers and large botanical wallpapers that matched the bathroom sinks. It was a very pleasant experience. We coordinated with our local team and ensured that all equipment and materials where ready for the mural painting process.

We began by paint spraying the entire wall with a blue primer and made our way towards creating our major shapes and sketches on the wall. As we continued our mural, we were greeted with many locals who began to express how much they loved the artwork we were creating. We heard the stories and interpretations from many community members and were surprised at how much positive feedback we were receiving. Many days of rain put us off schedule but as we painted away we noticed how our understanding or color deepened with this progress. We hand selected many of our colors and to our surprise got a partial sponsorship from our preferred paint company Benjamin Moore through the helpful local paint store Packard Paint

We worked many days with few days of rest but everyday was more exciting as we began to paint the layers of artwork. When you are focused on the best quality output then the result is that much more fascinating. We used many of the background tones to bring our characters to life. We made sure that the murals colors reflected the overall surrounding aesthetic of the town center. It is important as an artist and mural specialist that the tones and colors used in the artwork create harmony in its environment. With careful color selection we can always achieve optimum results that modernize, inspire the community and leave a lasting impression.

Visit the Mural at  20 W Washington St, New Castle, PA 16101



created by dji camera