Color Dreamers

The Color Dreamers – Mural Artist

Color Dreamers is a traveling artist duo including Ivette Cabrera and Amir Shakir. For over a decade they have been active muralist and art developers in Wynwood Arts District in Miami, Florida. Color Dreamer has curated commercial murals, provided custom creative content and helped to add a striking aesthetic to the neighborhood.

The Color Dreamer’s artistic styles range from abstract to realism with carefully selected color palettes and details to grab the viewer’s attention. Their artwork has been exhibited both locally and nationally including featured publications and museums exhibitions. Color Dreamers produces artwork in a range of different styles and offers murals and sculptures for commercial and residential clients from trompe l’oeil to graffiti art.

Specializing in stylized murals that incorporate both strong realism and abstract elements, The Color Dreamers can produce nearly any design you desire or create a concept for you with skillful color selections and careful design development. With accurate renderings, careful preparation and concept designs produced before any painting begins, the final mural always matches the concept design flawlessly.

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