FAQ – Mural & Sculpture Installations

FAQ – Mural & Sculpture Installations

Our FAQ page will help to answer common questions about our mural, sculpture and art installation projects. If you are planning an art installation, many of your questions can be answered here.


What can I send to get a mural estimate?

  • A picture of the wall or space
  • Location of mural
  • Any reference images or pictures of ideas you have in mind
  • Wall size/dimensions
  • Dates you would like to have the project completed

Concept Design

We create a digital concept for all our mural designs. This ensures that the client will be able to see what the mural looks like on the wall before anything is painted on. Once the client is 100% happy with the sketch/concept design and gives final approval we move on to scheduling the project. We charge a minimal design fee for this process.

Do you paint murals at a residence or business?

We create murals for residential, commercial and public art spaces.

Can you provide a written estimate?

We can give a price quote after discussing a few details with the client and we can provide a written estimate at no cost. We can also schedule a phone consultation.

Are you insured?

Yes, we carry commercial liability insurance and insure each project.

Do you create custom art?

Yes, we create all works in various methods and mediums. We can paint portraits, landscape scenery, chinoiserie, abstract, contemporary art, graffiti as well as fabricate sculptures. We work with metal, clay, acrylic, spray-paint and stencils. We have done various works on canvas for clients. We love ideas that challenge us so no project is too big, small or odd. We welcome all inquiries.

I don’t know exactly what I want, can you design something from a few photos of different ideas?

Sure and in fact we encourage this as part of the creative process. It’s not only important to ensure that the we have a very clear idea of what style, colors or theme you envision but it also helps the design of the mural when we put all those ideas together to create custom artworks.

How long will the mural take to create?

It depends on the level of detail in the artwork and the size of the wall.

What should I expect once the mural begins?

Once we set our start date and completion date we will work on the mural at different hours depending on what’s needed for the particular project. Most of our mornings are spent in the studio communicating with clients, planning logistics, gathering materials, or working on media production and our afternoons on site. We always give our full attention to the client once the project begins and you will have direct access to the lead artist during the entire duration of the project.

Do you do site visits for a mural estimate?

Yes, but we try to keep it local depending on our current projects schedule.

Do you travel to projects?

We sure do and many of our projects have been based out of the state and country.

What do you charge for your muralist services?

The cost vary depending on the location, interior or exterior, size of wall, site preparation, amount of time the project will take, equipment rental fees and level of detail in the design

Do you work with agencies, brands or galleries?

Yes, we have done many murals for brands, companies and worked with interior designers, agencies and galleries.


We are an artist duo called Color Dreamers. Our team consists of Amir Shakir and Ivette Cabrera. We have been self‐employed artists for over ten‐years exhibiting paintings in museums and galleries with commissions in both residential and commercial applications. Amir Shakir, originally from Lafayette Louisiana moved to Miami 13 years ago. Ivette Cabrera migrated with her family from Nicaragua to Miami at the age of three where she was raised most of her life. We have worked with many community organizations, city governments, counties and major consumer brands to produce events, sculptures and murals.

Amir is a musician, graphic designer and multi-disciplinary artist. In 2018 he was awarded a certificate of appreciation from the Miami-Dade County Mayor and Board of County commissioners for valuable contributions to the community. He released a rock album in 2016 and when he’s not working on art he works in his music studio on his latest album. Ivette is a visual artist, architect interior designer and a former art curator that organized a four year artist residency program for artists named Viophilia in Miami’s Wynwood Arts District. The residency program was designed to provide affordable live-work spaces for artists looking to focus intensely on their craft. Viophilia hosted 17 community events solely dedicated to public interaction and involvement.

How did you begin painting murals?

We met in 2012. Amir Shakir was working on music projects and Ivette Cabrera began her art career as she ran Viophilia. Our studios were across the street from one another in Wynwood. We began to challenge our art skills and pass a sketchbook back and forth each week until we painted our first mural. Our work progressed and we had couple of major brands run commercials featuring our story and artworks. Universal Music also featured our mural in their Juanes Music Video.

We have exhibited in a few galleries and museums nationwide including Baker Museum in Naples FL and Yellowstone Art Museum. We have worked with community organizations, major brands, and corporate clients beautifying their cities and sharing our love for art with various communities. We now seek to bring the beauty and power of art to our clients worldwide.

Today we run our mural company out of our studio space near Wynwood and have advanced our materials and methods to include public art and sculptures. Our talent, diligence, skill and attention to every detail has set us apart from other artists and muralists. We produce fine art with a quality that is truly unique and meets the clients vision every step of the way. We have painted classical vaulted ceiling murals in trompe l’oeil to fine art portraiture. Every project is unique and each one has a story to tell.

How long have you been painting murals?

We have been creating murals and art independently for over 13 years, we formed our team 5 years ago.

How many murals and artworks have you painted?

We have painted over 23 large scale murals and have produced over 100 studio works and paintings.

What do you do when you are not painting murals or exhibiting art?

We enjoy nature, travel and our independent studio work in sculpting, music, drawing and architecture. We always set time to keep our creative juices flowing in many forms. We like to stay relaxed and inspired at all times.

What brands and organizations have you worked with?

Mount Gay Rum, Bombay Sapphire, John Frieda, PBIA City of Olympia, City of Hastings Public Arts Task Force, YMCA, HOYT Arts and Education Center, Little Haiti Community Mural Project, Juanes, Universal Music Mexico, Mon Laferti, Benjamin Moore, Nelson & Districts Arts Council, Havaianas, FN CEO Summit, University of North Carolina, Miami Midtown Five Condominiums, Caoba World Center Condominiums, Asheville Visiting Artist Program, and Public Art Pompano Beach.