Top Miami Hotel Murals

There have been many iconic hotel murals that make the Miami hotel scene ones of the best in the world. Here’s our top picks for art murals that truly hit the mark as being the most creative. These murals blend well with the hotel environment and their colors compliment the interior decor. The art murals can be an iconic piece of art that will impress hotel guests and visitors. Hotel murals are great backdrops for selfies and they also give large walls a unique and colorful essence.

Artists can truly envision a wall unlike any designer. The colors and subject matter that the artists chooses within the artwork can really enhance the entire space. Hotel murals are not the only ones that get attention, all kinds of hospitality murals can be considered great works of art. Below are some examples of hospitality art that brighten the interior architecture of a place. Restaurants, bars and even offices all benefit from having some mural art.

Mural painting services in Los Angeles!

In order to serve projects more projects in California we have decided to expand our mural services to the Los Angeles area. We can now provide a broad range of our mural, painting and interactive art events to the LA, San Francisco and San Jose areas. We are highly skilled artisans with experience in creating large scale murals for over 10 years. Our quality and professionalism is unmatched.

In addition to our hand-painted murals, we provide painted artworks for the hospitality and medical industry. We create large-scale art murals to agencies, hotels, business sectors and even hospitals. Full service art means that we can provide art for all your needs in any one of your locations in California whether it be in LA, SF Bay area, or Silicon Valley.

If you are a company seeking to add a splash of color to your offices or you have a residence would add a trompe l’oeil to a vaulted ceiling reach out to us. Let our artistic skills add vibrancy to any space. We specialize in the following:

  • Hotel Murals
  • Large Scale Murals
  • Hospitality Art
  • Commercial and Corporate Art
  • Medical Industry Art
  • Interior and Exterior Murals
  • Company Branded Murals
  • Interior Design Art
  • Classical Art
  • Trompe l’oeil
  • Vaulted Ceiling Art

Contact us now and we can get a quote of over to you within a day.

New vervet monkey painting

Just finished this vervet monkey in our Miami art studio. We are taking a short mural break. We will be back shortly a whole new video update on our last mural for Miami World Center Caoba. Meanwhile, enjoy this cute little monkey freshly painted out of our studio.

Miami Mural Artists

As Miami natives we have been creating art murals and participating in art exhibits in the area for over ten years. Throughout our time we have learned how to approach art in a variety of techniques and styles. We pride ourselves in our diligence and attention to detail on every mural project we complete. Throughout years of mastering color, light and perspective we have been able to take our art to the next level providing optimum quality to all of our projects and clients.

Miami is a beautiful place filled with vibrant people, colorful art and sunny beachside landscapes. We are lucky to call Miami our home as well as to be able to participate in the creative art process that exists here. We find that the best art in the SOuth Florida area comes from Wynwood, the international world mecca for art. Over that last decade or so, Miami’s Wynwood Arts District as evolved into a the most art condensed area worldwide with over 9,000 murals. Miami is a great example on how many communities can bring art to their towns.

We have seen many other Florida cities adapt the Miami Wynwood model such as Hollywood, Boca Raton, and Fort Lauderdale. These areas have launched public art programs designed to attract more murals and artists to their areas. The programs help to promote art among community members and attract visitors. We feel that art can really bring people together and more cities are starting to catch on to the mural art movement. We hope that we can continue to expand our practice to more Florida cities and continue to beautify those areas that need it most.

Boca Raton, Hollywood, Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach are great areas that continue to attract new developments. yearly. We proudly serve those cities as well and even have a few public sculptures in Pompano Beach. If you or a client of yours is seeking a mural project for a residential property, event or commercial business feel free to contact us. We travel quite intensively for all projects because we believe that art can really transform a space and needs to be shared in more cities worldwide.

Why Miami’s coolest neighborhood is Wynwood

Murals, public art and visitors

Wynwood Miami is one of the top art cities in the world due to its sheer number of public art and murals. The neighborhood spawned from local art galleries and studios to a massive outdoor gallery exhibition attracting visitors worldwide. The beauty of Wynwood lies in its rugged approach to art. Its public art and graffiti attracts a global art market to its streets everyday. Today, what started out creative grassroots efforts by artists working in derelict and raw warehouses has blown out to major companies inhabiting old art spaces.

As one of the original gallerist from the early days of Wynwood back in 2008, I have seen Wynwood progress and change overtime. The walls were revolving doors for international artists that frequented Miami during Art Basel, one of the world’s biggest art fairs in the world. Since then, Miami’s Wynwood Arts District has become a model for many major cities across the world. Cities worldwide are now hosting international mural festivals to attract the same amount of tourism. Wynwood attracts about 40,000 visitors monthly.

The role of artists

As Miami artists, we have also evolved with this artistic fluctuating city we call home. By taking part in painting these art murals we have supported the Wynwood street art renaissance. All because we believe in the powerful beauty of art and the message that it can convey to millions of people. We have continually natured our own artistic creativity. Additionally, we have nurtured the creativity of other artists by providing affordable work/live spaces in Wynwood when we established our side project Viophilia. The goal is to keep the art organism growing and multiplying. Inspiring more artists to join this artistic journey.

In hopes to bring our studio art form to the world view we formed our mural team many years ago. Throughout the years we have produced over 20 murals both nationally and internationally gaining recognition from many governmental organizations and national museums. Our artworks are now part of public and private art collections. We have worked in collaboration with major brands bringing the beauty of art to their marketing campaigns. The great thing about Wynwood is the ability to work simultaneously side by side with artists and companies.

The art remains ever-changing on these street walls. There are no banners, billboards or large flashing signs. Here it’s just the texture of brushes, rollers and spray paint on walls as new large paintings emerge from old murals.

Where Wynwood goes from here

We love this place and we will continue to add new murals to the coolest neighborhood in Miami for years to come. We welcome all to visit and enjoy these temporary street art, graffiti and murals that change each year. It never stays the same in this neighborhood and we hope to keep it that way. Vibrant, artistic, and always new.

New mural works in progress for Caoba at Miami World Center

Check out our sneak peak photo of our latest mural in Downtown Miami for Caoba Condominiums. We are adding a few more bursts of colors to this art piece that will really bring it to life. The mural is located in the entrance of Caoba at Miami World Center.

This mural wraps around the the columns, walls and floor to create a truly immersive environment for guests entering the building. One of our favorite mediums is airbrush and stencils. In this project we combine both on massive walls creating an abstract cityscape of Miami. More updates of full project coming soon!

Check out the link bellow and follow us on our social media pages for weekly updates and a behind the scenes look on all of our projects.

Trompe-l’oeil Mural at The Embassy House in Palm Coast Florida

Check out the photos of our trompe-l’oeil mural of cherubs on a vaulted ceiling at The Embassy House. We painted this vaulted ceiling a couple of years ago while the home was being renovated by the owners.

The owners asked for a classical style mural of cherubs (baby angels) flying among the clouds as they hold flowers in their hands. The mural took us a total of 6 weeks to complete on a 30 foot high scaffold that covered the entire space. The ocean front home also known as The Embassy House is located in beautiful Palm Coast, Florida. Upon arriving at the estate we were greeted by a large fountain at the center of a private lake on the property. The Embassy House is 14,000 square feet with 7 bedrooms and once housed president Ronald Reagan during his stay in Florida. The entire foyer measures 20′ x 30′ and is bordered by a corridor that hovers over the first floor. Above the foyer is a 30′ high vaulted ceiling with a stunning glass chandelier. The home has beautiful designed details such as a stain glass double doors, antique velvet furnishings and rococo mirrors.

We began this mural by first mixing our own custom colors for the cherubs and clouds. As we worked the nights away the artwork began to come to life. The cherubs are holding large flowers in their hands as they hover over the foyer. The trompe-l-oeil mural defies perception as it gives the illusion of the an open glass ceiling exposing the sky. For our finishing details we added a few white doves carrying ribbons with the names of the family members and a glowing emblem. These thoughtful details gave the mural a more personal touch. The Embassy House has been one of our favorite murals painted thus far. The artwork really stands out in the space and creates an awe inspiring experience for all those who visit.

As artists we feel very fortunate to be able to create these works for clients and really challenge our skills. This cherub mural has an amazing feel about it, the baby angels greet visitors with a peaceful and gentle welcome. We were happy to collaborate with the owner on all details and really create an amazing experience in the home.

The Miami Times interviews The Color Dreamers mural dream team.


Artists help preserve culture of the area with Little Haiti Mural Project

We were interviewed by The Miami Times regarding our mural artwork in Little Haiti Miami. Little Haiti is an area in Miami that is currently facing the edging and emerging interest by developers. Our mural was created in collaboration with a community organization seeking to highlight the areas culture of Haitan descendants. Below is a link to the full article and some excerpts from our interview. Enjoy!

Some say that Little Haiti is turning into an extended version of Wynwood. With its vibrant native culture, art and murals, and ethnic restaurants, this part of Lemon City is emulating many of the positive traits that abound in Wynwood. But all the positive attention in the neighborhood is enticing some unwanted attention from outside forces.

Much like what happened in Wynwood and its graffiti scene, big-brand developers salivate at the idea of using the desired, sturdy and vacant land of Little Haiti to establish a foundation and foster their vision of growth and development for the future.

Promises of change can impact the community in a negative way, and these residents, business owners and artists know it. Little Haiti has places that exhibit great art from many recognizable names that bring in tourist dollars. But that is countered by developers, whose goal is to renovate the area without accounting for the resident’s needs and culture.

Artists and proponents of art are using their voices and skills to consolidate community interests with developer’s plans of growth. Little Haiti is a lively place imbued with culture and artistic prominence. The community boasts many art studios and galleries, as well as dance classes, public markets and nighttime events. The warehouses, businesses and restaurants serve as canvasses that different artists use to beautify the neighborhoods with different aspects of Haitian and Caribbean culture and folklore. These murals were created by artists who want to improve the community by making art that reflects the roots of the residents therein.

The Color Dreamers is another set of artists who participated in the Little Haiti Mural Project. The duo consists of Ivette Cabrera, longtime Miami resident of Nicaraguan descent, and Amir Shakir, black and born in Louisiana, who’s been living in Miami for the last eight years. Together, they embrace the culture of Little Haiti and reflect it in their art, instead of making art for art’s sake.

“The process of making a mural in Little Haiti is delicate and has to be designed carefully, explained Cabrera. “If we put anything out there that doesn’t relate to their cultural identity, then we are going to change the identity of the whole community,” she said.
“We don’t see development as a negative thing,” Shakir said, “but, the people should know that they can be part of the development and make it about themselves and about the larger picture at the same time.”

Ofir, Delionis, The Color Dreamers and Rivera understand the importance of using art as a vehicle to cement a sense of identity and pride in a neighborhood and its people.

New video release of our murals for Miami Midtown Five Condominiums

We have been busy the past few weeks putting together all of our video clips from our last mural project. We are excited to share our process from start to finish with our fans and clients. These murals are located on the level five pool deck in Miami Midtown Five. The condominiums offers high end luxury living in the center of Miami. Midtown Five is located between the artistic neighborhood of Wynwood and luxury shopping plaza Design District.

For these murals we mixed artistic styles like graffiti, stencils, posterized images and subtle hints of neon glows. This was an exciting project indeed! The full project has transformed plain walls into wonderful works of art. We are happy to continue to provide a high standard of professionalism and expertise to fulfill our clients goals. We hope you enjoy watching our progress from start to finish.

Listen to our radio interview Bob Keating on CBC Canada!

We went on air with Bob Keating from the radio program CBC Canada. We discussed our painting process for the City of Nelson Public Mural Art Program in BC Canada.
The director of the program, Sydney Black, also chimed in, She spoke about how the new mural program was seeking to bring more vibrancy and color to their community. By changing the alleyways with brand new art the residents received a vibrant appeal that has attracted more visitors and tourists.