New Welcome to Wynwood Mural Completed!

We had the absolute honor of working with an amazing brand Vivelo Bikes on our latest mural located near Wynwood Walls in Miami, Florida. The painting process took us about 3 weeks to complete. We used various art styles such of graffiti, posterization and classical chinoiserie to create the artwork. The client really wanted a vintage car with a bit of street art that represented the graffiti scene in Wynwood.

After a few concept design revisions we settled on a good color scheme that fit the brand and included some welcoming text for visitors to the area. We also added some palm trees in a chinoiserie style that really defines the Florida landscape of beautiful beaches and sun. Once we received final approval on the design we got to work. We gathered our spray cans and brushes and got ready to tackle this massive wall. During the process we met many tourists and visitors who we’re thrilled by our work and took many selfies in front of the mural as the work progressed.

We were so happy to work with a great brand that provides custom bikes as works of art for the community. We truly cherish our new friendships that has developed from painting this new mural and we hope that you visit when you visit Wynwood Walls in Miami.