Miami Mural Artists

As Miami natives we have been creating art murals and participating in art exhibits in the area for over ten years. Throughout our time we have learned how to approach art in a variety of techniques and styles. We pride ourselves in our diligence and attention to detail on every mural project we complete. Throughout years of mastering color, light and perspective we have been able to take our art to the next level providing optimum quality to all of our projects and clients.

Miami is a beautiful place filled with vibrant people, colorful art and sunny beachside landscapes. We are lucky to call Miami our home as well as to be able to participate in the creative art process that exists here. We find that the best art in the SOuth Florida area comes from Wynwood, the international world mecca for art. Over that last decade or so, Miami’s Wynwood Arts District as evolved into a the most art condensed area worldwide with over 9,000 murals. Miami is a great example on how many communities can bring art to their towns.

We have seen many other Florida cities adapt the Miami Wynwood model such as Hollywood, Boca Raton, and Fort Lauderdale. These areas have launched public art programs designed to attract more murals and artists to their areas. The programs help to promote art among community members and attract visitors. We feel that art can really bring people together and more cities are starting to catch on to the mural art movement. We hope that we can continue to expand our practice to more Florida cities and continue to beautify those areas that need it most.

Boca Raton, Hollywood, Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach are great areas that continue to attract new developments. yearly. We proudly serve those cities as well and even have a few public sculptures in Pompano Beach. If you or a client of yours is seeking a mural project for a residential property, event or commercial business feel free to contact us. We travel quite intensively for all projects because we believe that art can really transform a space and needs to be shared in more cities worldwide.