Parrot mural completed in Miami, FL

Our latest mural “Love Letter to Wynwood” was just completed in Miami. We worked in collaboration with the global real estate leader Thor Equities.
The idea for the artwork came about as we reminisced on all the amazing years we have spent in the artistic community. The mural offers words of inspiration to local artists and visitors. Integrating artwork unto buildings enhances the aesthetic environment of Miami’s thriving art neighborhood Wynwood. Here are a few photos of the mural from the street view.

Color Dreamers Wynwood Mural

Taking inspiration from the local parrot migration that happens in Miami every year, we painted a bright green parrot. In this painting of the parrot speaks the words of inspiration. Tourists love the mural. It’s been a big hit in the neighborhood!

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Our latest live art murals for NFS Heat Miami Beach event

We had a wonderful opportunity to create a series of artworks for NFS Heat video game. Need for Speed Heat is a racing video game where players race through Palm City. Players can customize their own racing cars and fashion. The game based on Miami’s beautiful city, graffiti and murals in the Wynwood area,

We created over 15 graffiti murals on black canvas that was draped around the exterior walls. We also painted live at the event creating an interesting performance that guests were amazed by. Many guests took selfies in front of the murals and the event turned into an interactive show. Classic vintage cars were stationed behind red rope. Here are a few pictures of the event.

You can check out publications on the game and event here:

The official EA post outlining the new world (aptly titled ‘Under the Hood’) goes into detail about how Miami’s volatile weather served as inspiration when building Palm City: “While we were location-scouting Miami, we saw crazy weather – blazing sunshine then torrential rain then bright sunshine – all in the space of a few minutes. We loved the idea of bringing this to the game, so we built a full dynamic weather system. You get a range of changing conditions as you play, and it was a great excuse to wash the streets down and go big on night neons, wet cars and reflective roads.”

It was a great event and we had a blast working with EA Sports and NFS Heat.

New vervet monkey painting

Just finished this vervet monkey in our Miami art studio. We are taking a short mural break. We will be back shortly a whole new video update on our last mural for Miami World Center Caoba. Meanwhile, enjoy this cute little monkey freshly painted out of our studio.

Miami Mural Artists

As Miami natives we have been creating art murals and participating in art exhibits in the area for over ten years. Throughout our time we have learned how to approach art in a variety of techniques and styles. We pride ourselves in our diligence and attention to detail on every mural project we complete. Throughout years of mastering color, light and perspective we have been able to take our art to the next level providing optimum quality to all of our projects and clients.

Miami is a beautiful place filled with vibrant people, colorful art and sunny beachside landscapes. We are lucky to call Miami our home as well as to be able to participate in the creative art process that exists here. We find that the best art in the SOuth Florida area comes from Wynwood, the international world mecca for art. Over that last decade or so, Miami’s Wynwood Arts District as evolved into a the most art condensed area worldwide with over 9,000 murals. Miami is a great example on how many communities can bring art to their towns.

We have seen many other Florida cities adapt the Miami Wynwood model such as Hollywood, Boca Raton, and Fort Lauderdale. These areas have launched public art programs designed to attract more murals and artists to their areas. The programs help to promote art among community members and attract visitors. We feel that art can really bring people together and more cities are starting to catch on to the mural art movement. We hope that we can continue to expand our practice to more Florida cities and continue to beautify those areas that need it most.

Boca Raton, Hollywood, Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach are great areas that continue to attract new developments. yearly. We proudly serve those cities as well and even have a few public sculptures in Pompano Beach. If you or a client of yours is seeking a mural project for a residential property, event or commercial business feel free to contact us. We travel quite intensively for all projects because we believe that art can really transform a space and needs to be shared in more cities worldwide.

The Color Dreamers Mural team unleash 3 new murals at Miami Midtown Five

The Color Dreamers Mural team unleash 3 new murals at Miami Midtown 5

Unveil of new condominium murals at Miami Midtown 5

Happy New Year to all! Hope you had an amazing celebration with friends and family. We closed our last year with great new projects and new friends. We tend to split our time between our studio work and murals so also had time to create some sculptural works we will be showcasing shortly.

These murals are located at Midtown Five in Midtown Miami. The theme is contemporary luxury meets Wynwood Graffiti. We used a mix of techniques including fine art paint brush, airbrush, spray paint and stencils. We always take into consideration the level of detail and colors in each artwork we create. With these particular murals we ensured that our spray paint colors weren’t too bright and blended well with the teal blue glass windows.

The three murals located on the 5th floor pool deck had a posterized street art style mixed with just a small section of graffiti to balance the composition. The mix of styles creates a fun variety for viewers with different taste. The wall next to the yoga studio had a mix of airbrush and neon texture giving it that classic Miami glow.  We created a scenery of one of Miami’s oldest graffiti pennant relics, The Marina.

“The theme in these murals was to create something that still appeals to what Miami is made of: sunny weather, high end design, neon lights, arts and culture. It’s a vibrant city that continues to grow and we are more than fortunate to take part in its artistic cultural revolution.“

Midtown 5 Pool Deck

We are working on our video release of the full process soon so stay tuned and please feel free to reach out to us on how to make your dream mural project come true. We love the process of collaborating with designers, architects, developers, community organizations and brands. There is nothing more special to us than to create artwork that really connects and makes a lasting impact.

We give our full attention to each project and client needs. We are constantly working hard to ensure that we have a 100% satisfied client every time. Our design studio is located in Miami near Wynwood.

Address: 125 NE 32nd St, Miami, FL 33137

Fan Photos of our Mural in Wynwood Arts District Miami

Color Dreamers Mural in Wynwood Art Basel 2018

Well we have once again closed off another amazing Miami Art Week/Art Basel for 2018 and we had some amazing tagged photos of our mural in Wynwood Arts District. Here is one of our favorite photos taken by graffiti and fine art mural enthusiasts that travel the world in search for the best artists and muralists. We are always happy when these photos that are shared with us. You can always look up some of our tagged photos on our Instagram art page TheColorDreamers

In this photo we see how the graffiti meets the fine art quality we present. We not only intend to show how our we perfect our craft by providing the best artwork existing today but how it changes the existing environment for the better. We work with many community organizations and developers to ensure that their city and projects have a fine art quality to them.

We are always happy to assist private clients and developers in choosing the right artwork that fits the aesthetic and goals of each project. Each project is unique and special and we go to great lengths to make sure that the mural truly represents what the client wants. We hope that our artistic vision and murals continue to inspire and , change the dynamic of how we interact with public art.

Thank you for allowing us to continually shine!

Mural is located

524 NW 26 ST
Miami, FL 33127


The importance of driving Miami art culture in luxury living condominiums

Condominium Murals bring art culture to Midtown Miami.

We all know the importance of art in public spaces but what can art do to private living spaces in Miami’s top luxury living condominiums?  We have recently embarked on our latest mural journey in Miami’s thriving Midtown and Design District neighborhood condos.

The Location: 5th Floor Pool Deck Midtown Miami
Total Murals; 3 Large Scale Artworks
Theme: Wynwood meets Design District luxury retail

Our client expressed to us the importance of bringing the essence of Miami’s art culture to its building walls by curating an ongoing artwork installation that merges graffiti culture and high end luxury living. A very interesting mix indeed. We presented a few ideas that included the use of spray paint juxtaposed with stylized hand painted stencil artwork using complimentary colors to match the pool decks exterior.  The current works in progress have attracted new visitors who have been curious about the artwork and intrigued by the mural painting process.

A great way to reignite the street art culture that has made Miami one of the worlds top art mecca it is today, is to bring its iconic wild style graffiti culture to its residents. When we think about the impact that art has had through its decades of styles and artists we wonder what it would have been like to meet the great artists such as Van Gogh, Dali, Picasso, Pollack, Frida Khalo or Diego Rivera. We wonder what it would be like if we could interact with them and understand  their interpretation of color, perspective and light as well as realism and imagination. When we look at art in the sense of the stylistic eras such as abstract,  impressionism, cubism and graffiti then we can begin to understand that art is not just about creating realism but about the current vision and voice of contemporary artists. We often wonder what was the spark that created great cities like Paris and LA, well the answer is simple, it was the contemporary artists who had no boundaries  to their expression. They gave life new meaning, new form, new interpretation and it was through this that many of us found its true beauty and value

Art and murals bring that artistic experience out to the public view where a community can not only interact with it but experiences its magical essence within their luxury living lifestyle.

As artists, sometimes we create art to fit the modern vibe of the pulsating city culture. It brings us together in ways that create special moments and interactions we would not otherwise have. We we can bridge the beauty of art with a unified community we enrich our surroundings. With art in living spaces, developers can now offer an advantage over other condominiums that do not offer an artist experience for its tenants and visitors. Art that captures an artistic moment but lends itself to change embracing an true contemporary artists vision. Graffiti in Miami not only sparked the Wynwood art scene along with an international art fair such as Art Basel at the convention center but it also brought an influx of international developers, residents, and tourists.  Miami toady stands as the undefeated graffiti and international mural  champion.

We hope to keep you update over the next few weeks as we continue our condominium mural in the heart of the city Midtown Miami near Design District.

See you soon! We love making all of our clients vision come to life through our artistic expertise! We treasure the impact it has, the lives it changes and the stories we hear and share from our interactions.

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Color Dreamers Muralists embark on new Graffiti Mural in Midtown Miami

Graffiti and Modern Mural Mix at private pool deck in Midtown Miami

We have embarked on a new mural at the condominium located in Miami. The concept is a mix of wild style graffiti prominent on many of Wynwood walls and modern luxury retail of Design District. The mural is located on the private pool deck of the condos located in Midtown Miami 5.

Here’s a preview of the mural in process as we continue to add more murals throughout the condominiums 5th floor that includes a yoga studio, gym and beach style pool.

Graffiti is a great way to mix some urban elements while creating a unique piece of artwork that appeals to the younger professionals. In today’s Miami condominium market its important to stay competitive and add a unique element that not only reflects the culture and vibe of the city but also adds an artful design appeal that is refined in a luxurious way.

New video of our mural time-lapse at Wynwood Walls

Wynwood Walls Color Dreamers Mural Aerial

Wynwood Walls Mural Time-lapse with The Color Dreamers

Check out our latest time-lapse video of our Mural in Wynwood Miami of supermodels Raquel Riley Thomas and Randi Dorsey.  This mural scales over 40′ feet high and 38′ and was created using acrylic paint. The entire process took over 3 weeks to complete using an aerial lift. The mural was unveiled in May 2018.

We used the height of the wall to give the illusion of a large open window on the wall that opens up to the sky. We created a linen texture with smokey hues of purple. We added the Florida Panther as a symbol of strength and courage and to pay homage to the beautiful wild species that is a beacon of Florida’s nature. The process was amazing and the final result has created a tourist attraction at the Wynwood walls. We are ever grateful for the experience and opportunity to continue to push our art to new levels.

We invite the community to visit the mural located at the Wynwood Walls 524 NW 26 ST in Miami’s Wynwood Arts District. As we continue to create new works in progress across the nation we hope that you will continue to follow us through our journey. We are excited to share our work with the world and provide inspiration to communities and cities as they develop their art districts. This is our largest mural to date.

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Shot with Sony Xperia

Our sincere thank you to Ron Thomas and Raquel Riley Thomas. The Mana Contemporary team for facilitating the process and being helpful.