Why Miami’s coolest neighborhood is Wynwood

Murals, public art and visitors

Wynwood Miami is one of the top art cities in the world due to its sheer number of public art and murals. The neighborhood spawned from local art galleries and studios to a massive outdoor gallery exhibition attracting visitors worldwide. The beauty of Wynwood lies in its rugged approach to art. Its public art and graffiti attracts a global art market to its streets everyday. Today, what started out creative grassroots efforts by artists working in derelict and raw warehouses has blown out to major companies inhabiting old art spaces.

As one of the original gallerist from the early days of Wynwood back in 2008, I have seen Wynwood progress and change overtime. The walls were revolving doors for international artists that frequented Miami during Art Basel, one of the world’s biggest art fairs in the world. Since then, Miami’s Wynwood Arts District has become a model for many major cities across the world. Cities worldwide are now hosting international mural festivals to attract the same amount of tourism. Wynwood attracts about 40,000 visitors monthly.

The role of artists

As Miami artists, we have also evolved with this artistic fluctuating city we call home. By taking part in painting these art murals we have supported the Wynwood street art renaissance. All because we believe in the powerful beauty of art and the message that it can convey to millions of people. We have continually natured our own artistic creativity. Additionally, we have nurtured the creativity of other artists by providing affordable work/live spaces in Wynwood when we established our side project Viophilia. The goal is to keep the art organism growing and multiplying. Inspiring more artists to join this artistic journey.

In hopes to bring our studio art form to the world view we formed our mural team many years ago. Throughout the years we have produced over 20 murals both nationally and internationally gaining recognition from many governmental organizations and national museums. Our artworks are now part of public and private art collections. We have worked in collaboration with major brands bringing the beauty of art to their marketing campaigns. The great thing about Wynwood is the ability to work simultaneously side by side with artists and companies.

The art remains ever-changing on these street walls. There are no banners, billboards or large flashing signs. Here it’s just the texture of brushes, rollers and spray paint on walls as new large paintings emerge from old murals.

Where Wynwood goes from here

We love this place and we will continue to add new murals to the coolest neighborhood in Miami for years to come. We welcome all to visit and enjoy these temporary street art, graffiti and murals that change each year. It never stays the same in this neighborhood and we hope to keep it that way. Vibrant, artistic, and always new.