Fourth Mural completed at Miami Midtown 5 Condominiums

Miami Muralists unveil 4th artwork at Midtown Five Condominiums

We just finished our 4th mural installation on the pool deck of Midtown 5 Condominiums pool deck. While painting this mural we added a few artsy flairs of texture, neon and graffiti. The idea was to create a fun vibe while adding a few cool blue hues.

The idea for the mural was to create an interesting mix of luxury and urban life. We came up with a concept that shows an outdoor wall with graffiti that is sliced away to reveal a girl wearing a dress twirling in the wind. We look forward to sharing a short video of the artwork in progress from start to completion.
The pool deck mural measures about 20 feet in width by 12 feet high. If you would like to see the mural you can schedule a private tour with the concierge at Miami Midtown Five Condominiums is located at 125 NE 32nd St, Miami, FL 33137 on the 5th floor pool deck.