Top Miami Hotel Murals

There have been many iconic hotel murals that make the Miami hotel scene ones of the best in the world. Here’s our top picks for art murals that truly hit the mark as being the most creative. These murals blend well with the hotel environment and their colors compliment the interior decor. The art murals can be an iconic piece of art that will impress hotel guests and visitors. Hotel murals are great backdrops for selfies and they also give large walls a unique and colorful essence.

Artists can truly envision a wall unlike any designer. The colors and subject matter that the artists chooses within the artwork can really enhance the entire space. Hotel murals are not the only ones that get attention, all kinds of hospitality murals can be considered great works of art. Below are some examples of hospitality art that brighten the interior architecture of a place. Restaurants, bars and even offices all benefit from having some mural art.