The importance of driving Miami art culture in luxury living condominiums

Condominium Murals bring art culture to Midtown Miami.

We all know the importance of art in public spaces but what can art do to private living spaces in Miami’s top luxury living condominiums?  We have recently embarked on our latest mural journey in Miami’s thriving Midtown and Design District neighborhood condos.

The Location: 5th Floor Pool Deck Midtown Miami
Total Murals; 3 Large Scale Artworks
Theme: Wynwood meets Design District luxury retail

Our client expressed to us the importance of bringing the essence of Miami’s art culture to its building walls by curating an ongoing artwork installation that merges graffiti culture and high end luxury living. A very interesting mix indeed. We presented a few ideas that included the use of spray paint juxtaposed with stylized hand painted stencil artwork using complimentary colors to match the pool decks exterior.  The current works in progress have attracted new visitors who have been curious about the artwork and intrigued by the mural painting process.

A great way to reignite the street art culture that has made Miami one of the worlds top art mecca it is today, is to bring its iconic wild style graffiti culture to its residents. When we think about the impact that art has had through its decades of styles and artists we wonder what it would have been like to meet the great artists such as Van Gogh, Dali, Picasso, Pollack, Frida Khalo or Diego Rivera. We wonder what it would be like if we could interact with them and understand  their interpretation of color, perspective and light as well as realism and imagination. When we look at art in the sense of the stylistic eras such as abstract,  impressionism, cubism and graffiti then we can begin to understand that art is not just about creating realism but about the current vision and voice of contemporary artists. We often wonder what was the spark that created great cities like Paris and LA, well the answer is simple, it was the contemporary artists who had no boundaries  to their expression. They gave life new meaning, new form, new interpretation and it was through this that many of us found its true beauty and value

Art and murals bring that artistic experience out to the public view where a community can not only interact with it but experiences its magical essence within their luxury living lifestyle.

As artists, sometimes we create art to fit the modern vibe of the pulsating city culture. It brings us together in ways that create special moments and interactions we would not otherwise have. We we can bridge the beauty of art with a unified community we enrich our surroundings. With art in living spaces, developers can now offer an advantage over other condominiums that do not offer an artist experience for its tenants and visitors. Art that captures an artistic moment but lends itself to change embracing an true contemporary artists vision. Graffiti in Miami not only sparked the Wynwood art scene along with an international art fair such as Art Basel at the convention center but it also brought an influx of international developers, residents, and tourists.  Miami toady stands as the undefeated graffiti and international mural  champion.

We hope to keep you update over the next few weeks as we continue our condominium mural in the heart of the city Midtown Miami near Design District.

See you soon! We love making all of our clients vision come to life through our artistic expertise! We treasure the impact it has, the lives it changes and the stories we hear and share from our interactions.

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