Wynwood Smoke Lounge Mural

New Slick Chimp and Flamingos Mural

We have finally gotten around to uploading some of our progress photos for Wynwood Smoke Lounge that we completed a few months ago. Wynwood Smoke Lounge is a cigar shop, hookah lounge and entertainment venue located in Miami’s Wynwood Arts District. For this particular mural, the client asked that we come up with a creative concept that involved animals smoking.

For the cigar shop, we choose a sophisticated monkey a.k.a. Slick Chimp who is about 9 feet high. We also painted the walls to wrap around the interior so that the colors could be seen behind the glass cases of products. For the hookah smoke lounge we placed two flamingos smoking a hookah with the logo of the company displayed on the hookah glass. The background was created using a series of patterns and shapes that complimented the color scheme for the lounge.

As always, many colors were custom mixed using a simple color palette of primary colors red, yellow and blue. The pattern on the walls were created suing a series of precise tape work that required rolling in certain colors. We used Benjamin Moor paint.

We made an effort to create a concept design that matched the interior furniture selection so that the artwork would have a fully immersive experience and relate to the overall environment. The result was one of a kind and we have received so many compliments. Slick Chimp seems to be everyone’s favorite as he draws many visitors in to the shop to take a closer look. The owner’s have told us how trilled with the finished mural and that it has definitively increased traffic and new clients to their business.

That’s what its all about. The way that art can change an environment to a cool atmosphere that people enjoy to visit. At every point we make sure that all the details are not overlooked and that customers get a truly unexpected result.

You can check out these murals at their location in Wywood Arts District:
Wynwood Smoke Lounge
320 NW 24th St, Miami, FL 33127