Trompe-l’oeil Mural at The Embassy House in Palm Coast Florida

Check out the photos of our trompe-l’oeil mural of cherubs on a vaulted ceiling at The Embassy House. We painted this vaulted ceiling a couple of years ago while the home was being renovated by the owners.

The owners asked for a classical style mural of cherubs (baby angels) flying among the clouds as they hold flowers in their hands. The mural took us a total of 6 weeks to complete on a 30 foot high scaffold that covered the entire space. The ocean front home also known as The Embassy House is located in beautiful Palm Coast, Florida. Upon arriving at the estate we were greeted by a large fountain at the center of a private lake on the property. The Embassy House is 14,000 square feet with 7 bedrooms and once housed president Ronald Reagan during his stay in Florida. The entire foyer measures 20′ x 30′ and is bordered by a corridor that hovers over the first floor. Above the foyer is a 30′ high vaulted ceiling with a stunning glass chandelier. The home has beautiful designed details such as a stain glass double doors, antique velvet furnishings and rococo mirrors.

We began this mural by first mixing our own custom colors for the cherubs and clouds. As we worked the nights away the artwork began to come to life. The cherubs are holding large flowers in their hands as they hover over the foyer. The trompe-l-oeil mural defies perception as it gives the illusion of the an open glass ceiling exposing the sky. For our finishing details we added a few white doves carrying ribbons with the names of the family members and a glowing emblem. These thoughtful details gave the mural a more personal touch. The Embassy House has been one of our favorite murals painted thus far. The artwork really stands out in the space and creates an awe inspiring experience for all those who visit.

As artists we feel very fortunate to be able to create these works for clients and really challenge our skills. This cherub mural has an amazing feel about it, the baby angels greet visitors with a peaceful and gentle welcome. We were happy to collaborate with the owner on all details and really create an amazing experience in the home.