“Featherweight” Acrylic painting on panel


Large acrylic painting of elephant in water inspired but the infamous and glorious elephants that swim underwater in India. One or our largest elephant paintings in stock.


“Featherweight” Acrylic painting on panel

An elephant swimming depicts weightless mass.  This artwork was inspired by the glorious elephants of India that swim underwater. 


Additional information

Weight 50 lbs
Dimensions 96 x 48 in



Amir Shakir and Ivette Cabrera


Acrylic on wood panel

Inscriptions and Markings

Signed with Certificate of Authenticity


not included

Exhibition History

Featured in John Frieda commercial

About the Artist

Artist duo called The Color Dreamers consists of Amir Shakir and Ivette Cabrera. Self‐employed artists for over ten‐years, exhibiting paintings and sculptures in museums and galleries with commissions in both residential and commercial applications.
"Our artistic styles range from abstract to realism with carefully selected color palettes and details to grab the viewer's attention. We have worked with community organizations, city governments and major brands to produce public art projects."