“Akiro with Machete” Acrylic painting on canvas


Acrylic portrait painting on canvas for black artist Amir Shakir created by Ivette Cabrera. This artwork titled “Akiro Warrior with Machete”  celebrates a black warrior styled like a Moorish prince with a variety of textures and fabrics.


“Akiro with Machete” Acrylic painting on canvas

Acrylic portrait painting of black artist by local Wynwood artist Ivette Cabrera. The artwork is a depiction of a warrior prince with his machete ready for battle.  Subject Amir Shakir who is not only an artist and musician but also a strong leader among his community. The inspiration was taken from the French painter Jean-Léon Gérôme who painted a portrait titled Bashi-Bazouk  

The artist’s Turkish title for this picture—which translates as “headless”—evokes the unpaid irregular soldiers who fought ferociously for plunder under Ottoman leadership, although it is difficult to imagine this man charging into battle wearing such an exquisite silk tunic. Gérôme’s virtuosic treatment of textures provides a sumptuous counterpoint to the figure’s dignified bearing.

I thought I would go in a new direction to challenge myself and apply some of the new techniques I’ve learned while painting murals in Wynwood. This portrait is titled “Akiro Warrior with Machete” and its inspired by some of the Ottoman Empire paintings. It’s something completely different from my usual headdress artwork of various women but somehow the message still reveals itself underneath.  I would love to create more of these for different people and feel that I can really create some outstanding work with the right commissions. Right now I feel that with more delicate studies and time my work will develop into more into new realms never explored before.

His chest rises and falls like the ocean waves crashing past the shore.

Additional information

Weight 40 lbs
Dimensions 36 x 24 in



Ivette Cabrera


Acrylic on Canvas

Inscriptions and Markings

Signed with Certificate of Authenticity


Gold Ornate Frame included

Exhibition History

Wynwood Miami Concrete Beach, Miami Art Week, December 2017
Brick Art Exhibit, August 2017

About the Artist

Self taught artist Ivette Cabrera studied Interior Architecture and Design at the Academy of Art University and Marketing Communications at Columbia College in Chicago. In 2012, she pioneered an artist residency in Wynwood Miami named Viophilia as a artistic sanctuary for artists to work intensively on their craft. Over the last 10 years she has curated numerous art exhibitions, worked as lead architect on a residential home in Nicaragua, created city park site renderings, interior renovations, and public art murals. Her work has been part of numerous exhibitions in Wynwood, displayed at the Baker Museum, Yellowstone Art Museum, Villa Paula Museum Spectrum Art Fair and is currently part of numerous private & public city art collections. Cabrera's artworks have been publicized in Huffington Post, Miami New Times. Woven Tale Press, Kram Magazine, Starry Nights Artists to Look Out For Catalog, and featured in numerous commercials nationwide.