New video release for our Wynwood Smoke and Lounge mural

We have been digging through our video vault of past projects and we have come across some of the videos our showcasing our process for our flamingo and chimp mural that we created for Wynwood Smoke Lounge. Located in Miami’s thriving arts district known as Wynwood, we completed this mural back in October 2017. The lounge has had a lot of tourist traffic since its opening and we are excited to share our work and art with the local and international community.

As usual we start our process with mixing our colors from primary red, blue and yellow with splashes of black and white. For this particular project we created a series of geometric patterns with a color scheme that fits the interior design. The patterns where created using taped forms. The artist, Amir Shakir then painted the chimp aka “Slick Chimp” and the flamingos who smoke a hookah in the lounge area.

We had a bast on this one and working with the clients ideas and input really made the outcome impressive. Every mural is unique and specific to the goals and environment. We take care in making sure that the surface is properly prepared, that the art relates to the clients needs and that the message is clearly communicated. As artists, we feel that the key to great art is is leaving a lasting impression. We ensure that the mural art theme relates to the functions and customers of the shop and lounge. Many visitors to Wynwood have tagged us in all their selfie shots with the murals and we are able to see how people interact with the art in the space. It is a true blessing and joy to work in a field that we love and enjoy. Our clients are always very happy with the result and we maintain lasting friendships from the entire process.

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