Latest video release of our artworks for Nelson International Mural Festival

Check out our latest mural production on  a corrugated tin shed in Nelson , BC Canada.

Our concept was simple, the owner asked for something that related to anvils and we created the artwork around a metal smith working in his shop. We used the architecture of the buildings corner to give the illusion of looking into a room that is exposed by the faux painted cement bricks. It was a difficult surface but in our muralist field of work we always invite the challenges of each project with a creative approach.

The best part of the mural process was seeing different graffiti murals located in the area and meeting many of the local and international graffiti artists.  We hope to one day meet them in Wywood where there are many styles of street art and graffiti that they would adore!

You can see more pictures and read an in depth process of creating the mural on the shed Here

Music by ProPlus Productions and Amir Shakir.