Garage murals completed at Miro Brickell

We are pleased to present our latest completed murals at Miro Brickell Apartments. The apartments are located in the downtown Miami area near the bayside and the Miami Airlines Arena. Miami continues to impress people searching for apartments by adding art to their buildings.

As a thriving art mecca, Miami leads the world in the best murals, graffiti and art. We love adding our murals to the mix and creating genuine experiences. The art for this garage is surreal. As a result, each corner captures a different view of the artwork.

For this artwork we chose a mix of painting techniques. First, we painted the background with a light paint wash effect. Second, we the layered paint texture with airbrushed effects. Third, we added lettering and large graphics. The cool color tones add vibrancy and calm to the environment.

Each wall of the mural artwork is slightly different creating visual interest at different angles. We love the process of reinventing each space we work with. The result is always spectacular!

Miami leads in providing residents a fresh look on art that is continually evolving. Each year more and more condominiums and apartments are adding art to their public art collection. Murals are a great way to enhance the aesthetic of a building. Miami murals give visitors a memorable experience each time they enter the building.