City of Asheville Visiting Artist Program

We have been selected as finalists for Asheville’s first Visiting Artist Program

We are happy to announce that we have been shortlisted for the City of Asheville Public Art Program that will include a new set of Public Artworks in specified locations throughout the city. Working together with the organizations of the local communities. The 2018 partnership is funded by the City’s Percent for Public Art Policy, sponsored by the Public Art and Cultural Commission, and being guided by a leadership team of artists, arts and culture educators, activists, and promoters including The YMI cultural center of Asheville and  Public Art & Cultural Commission (PACC).

We are excited to work with the local community in building a concept that reflects the identity and progress of the African American community through the artistic process. Stay posted on our Instagram page TheColorDreamers for photo diary updates of our process and progress

Project Description

The City of Asheville through the Public Art and Cultural Commission (PACC) in Asheville, North Carolina is seeking artists for a recently initiated Visiting Artist Program (VAP) which for its first year aims to enhance underserved communities, address needs in the City’s public art collection, and enable collaborative, mentoring relations between a nationally and internationally recognized artist (or artist team) and a selected group of local artists. For its inaugural 2018 project, the focus will be on the history, contribution, and experience of the African American community of Asheville. The City and PACC hereby announces a request for proposals from professional artists of national or international standing whose work can meet these objectives in engaging and innovative ways. We welcome any artistic medium that provides an opportunity for collaboration and professional development for local artists and that utilizes the City’s public space (or spaces) to promote dialogue and meaningful exchange regarding the history, culture, and presence of the African American Community in Asheville.


The City of Asheville’s Public Art and Cultural Commission (PACC) has worked with the City to use Public Art Funds on a Visiting Artist Program (VAP). This program is designed to meet several key objectives: First, to enhance and diversify the City’s public art collection with an innovative work of art (broadly defined) that promotes dialogue and engagement with the history and cultural identity of Asheville; Second, to create significant opportunities for local artists to collaborate with national and internationally recognized artists and gain valuable professional development in the arts; Finally, to identify and creatively respond to the needs, interests, and perspectives of underrepresented members of our community. With its distinctive emphasis on creative and conceptual innovation, artistic collaboration, and cultural diversity in the arts, the Visiting Artist Program is specifically designed to enhance and expand the artistic profile of Asheville, which boasts a robust and active artistic community.

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