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ParkLine South Luxury Condo Murals

Title: ParkLine South Luxury Condo
Medium: Acrylic on Cement
Dimensions: 15′ x 30′ & 7′ x 9′
Completion Year: February 2021
Location: Downtown Miami, FL
The luxurious and spacious ParkLine Towers commissioned The Color Dreamers to paint murals in their South lobby. The grand entrance is adorned with retro futuristic luxury furnishings and bronze accents. The Color Dreamers took inspiration from ParkLine’s interior features when adding bronze metallic doves in a simplistic painting style to the mural. The mural includes a soft Miami skyline with palm trees and botanicals that harmonize with the interior color palette. In addition to the main mural a smaller appetizer mural of the same style was painted nearby.

Grace Love Lace – Wynwood

Title: Grace Love Lace @ Wynwood
Medium: Acrylic on Drywall
Dimensions: 15′ x 30′
Completion Year: March 2021
Location: Downtown Miami, FL
Grace Loves Lace opens a new showroom in the famous Wynwood Art District of Miami. The white showroom is a beautiful mix of luxury meets rustic with custom made white lace dresses hanging in mahogany coves. The Color Dreamers is commissioned to produce a mural on the building and the process begins. Incorporating white roses and solver dollar eucalyptus in a realism style the mural pulls from classic wedding themes and pays tribute to GLL’s Australian origins. Also included are selfie wings for brides to be to enjoy.

Goodyear & ESPN – Miami Beach

Title: Goodyear & ESPN – Miami Beach College Football Championship
Medium: Custom – 4 wall wooden box
Dimensions: 8′ x 16′
Completion Year: January 2021
Location: Miami Beach, FL (Ocean Drive)
Miami Beach is hosting a public event on Ocean Drive to celebrate the College football Championship happening January, 7th 2021 at The Hard Rock Miami Gardens. Goodyear reaches out to The Color Dreamers for ideas about presenting a mural at the event. The Color Dreamers designs a custom free standing wall structure with artwork on both sides. The theme of the mural is inspired by Goodyear’s current national commercial. The mural is placed on Ocean Drive for 3 days during the public event.

Miro Condo Mural @ Brickell

Title: Miro Condo Mural @ Brickell
Medium: Acrylic on Cement
Dimensions: 3000 square feet
Completion Year: November 2020
Location: Brickell Miami, FL
Changing a parking garage from a concrete jungle to a surreal experience is what The Color Dreamers did at Miro Brickell Condo in Miami. This series of abstract murals set the mood for a night out or a cool afternoon in the office. Brickell is the business district of Miami and has recently received an amazing revitalization while new condos continue to sprout all around. Brickell is one of the most futuristic areas in Miami where you can experience luxury lifestyle and fast paced business all in the same place.

A Love Letter to Wynwood – Mural

Title: A Love Letter To Wynwood – Mural
Medium: Acrylic on Cement
Dimensions: 20′ x 18′
Completion Year: March 2020
Location: Wynwood Miami, FL
Things change quickly in Wynwood and we wanted to pay tribute to Wynwood’s evolution. A Love letter to Wynwood features words of inspiration and reminders while paying tribute to the locals. Every summer the wild parrots migrate back to Miami in flocks and once you know their call you can’t miss it. They scream loud and hang out in pairs when they are not in huge groups. While we love the change we hope some things will stay the same and always return like the parrots. Created in collaboration with the global real estate group Thor Equities.

Upside Down Wynwood – Mural

Title: Upside Down – Wynwood Mural
Medium: Acrylic on Cement
Dimensions: 30′ x 40′
Completion Year: February 2020
Location: Wynwood Miami, FL
The blue people are there to remind you that life is not so serious. A family friendly mural with other worldly people having fun together. Thor Equities, a global real estate group, commissioned the artwork to attract more visitors and create some photo opportunity moments that kids from all ages can enjoy. We have seen some great selfie moments in front of this one!

Welcome to Wynwood – Mural

Title: Welcome to Wynwood Mural
Medium: Acrylic on Cement
Dimensions: 15′ x 70′
Completion Year: February 2020
Location: Wynwood Miami, FL
Wynwood, Miami is a place filled with inspiration bringing artist and visitors from far and wide. The welcome to Wynwood mural is a merger of different styles.. A slice of wild style graffiti mixed with clean realism, a classic Cadillac and teal monochrome palm trees flowing overhead. When you enter Wynwood from the South side this mural greets and welcomes everyone to join the fun.

Levi’s Haus Wynwood – Technology Popup Shop – Art Basel Miami

Title: Levi’s Haus – Art Basel Miami
Medium: Lenticular Wall Mural
Dimensions: 8′ x 150′
Completion Year: December 2019
Location: Wynwood Miami, FL
With 2019 coming to a close Miami is ready for another year of Art Basel. Miami Art Week makes the perfect weather and cool breeze even better. The Color Dreamers collaborated with Levi’s to create four feature murals on lenticular panels around the Levi’s Haus. The angled slats of the fence give a great view of the artwork from both sides as you enter and creates interactive illusions when you walk around them. The temporary Popup Shop featured Levi’s new technology department and offered live customization of their jeans to make your favorite design. Not only that, the place was filled with cool private lounging areas for relaxing in your new custom jeans.

Need For Speed – NFS Heat Game Release with Puma – Graffiti

Title: NFS Heat Heat Game Release with Puma
Medium: Spray Paint – Acrylic – Graffiti – Live Painting
Dimensions: 8′ x 300′
Completion Year: November 2019
Location: Downtown Miami, FL
The NFS Heat game release took place at Generator Hotel in Miami Beach, FL with celebrity appearances and performance by ASAPFerg, French Montana and Alexandra Mary Hirschi aka Supercar Blondie. The Color Dreamers created a 300 ft graffiti wrap around mesh for the event and painted live during celebrity arrivals. Puma sponsored the game release event and select guests received NFS Heat branded shoes by Puma.

A performance stage was installed in the swimming pool at Generator Hotel where a celebrity NFS tournament kicked off. After all the gaming was over, live performance closed out the night in classic Miami fashion!

Caoba Condo Murals @ Miami World Center

Title: Caoba Condo Murals – Miami World Center
Medium: Acrylic Paint, Spray Paint, Stencil and AirBrush
Dimensions: 14′ x 40′ and 14′ x 100′
Completion Year: October 2019
Location: Downtown Miami, FL
These murals are located in Caoba Condo parking garage in Downtown Miami. This garage entrance has quite a bit of traffic and there is a delivery locker for tenants as well. The entrance artwork includes stylized directional arrows and our signature slices to integrate the architecture. On the shipping room the artwork features the Miami skyline with graffiti watercolor styling. 3D stencil painted leaves greet you from the floor while walking along the path between the two murals.

Miami is becoming one of the most futuristic cities in America and we are excited to be a part of it. Miami World Center is a group of new buildings coming to Miami’s bay and integrating with the Northern end of downtown Miami. In a historic moment, Caoba became the first condo completed in the Miami World Center project.

Midtown Five Condo Murals @ Midtown Miami

Title: Miami Midtown Five Murals Phase I
Medium: Acrylic Paint, Spray Paint, Stencil and AirBrush
Dimensions: 4 walls roughly 10’x 13′ total of 340 Square feet
Completion Year: December 2018
Location: Miami, FL
These murals are located at Midtown five condominiums in downtown Miami. The theme was contemporary luxury meets Wynwood Graffiti. We used a mix of techniques from fine art brush, airbrush, stencils to spray paint. We mixed our paint, prepped the space and got ready to work. We always take into consideration the level of detail and colors in each artwork we create. With these particular murals we ensured that our spray paint colors weren’t too bright and blended more with the colors of the bright blue glass windows.

YMCA & Hoyt Mural

Title: YMCA & Hoyt Mural
Medium: Acrylic Paint on brick
Dimensions: 50’ x 100’
Completion Year: September 2018
Location: New Castle, PA
Comments: In collaboration with the New Caste YMCA and Hoyt Arts and Education center this mural was created to inspire community and unity. A dog named “Buddy” can be seen prancing below a happy group of people in candidly jumping in the air. We chose to use some of the colors of the YMCA logo to accent some of the artwork. We transformed the old brick wall with new pop of colors and shapes.

Title: Striking The Iron While it’s Hot

Title: Striking The Iron While it’s Hot
Dimensions: 14′ x 40′
Medium: Acrylic Paint on Corrugated Steel
Location: Nelson Canada International Mural Festival
Description: Early in August 2018 The Color Dreamers headed to Canada to take part in the Nelson International Mural Festival. Amir and Ivette painted a mural called “Striking The Iron While It’s Hot” at Hipperson Hardware on Baker and Stanley St.. During their stay in Nelson, The Color Dreamers hosted a workshop for locals titled “10 Tips on Becoming a Professional Artist” and was included in an Artist Panel with other artist from around the world.  Find out more.

Title: Raquel Riley Thomas Mural in Wynwood Miami

Title: Raquel Riley Thomas Mural
Dimensions: 40′ x 38′
Medium: Acrylic Paint on Cement Wall
Location: Wynwood Walls – Miami, FL
Description: The Client wanted a surrealist painting of beauty pageant owner, veteran and supermodel Raquel Riley Thomas. Raquel is painted with a close friend Randi Dorsey. This mural took approximately 3 weeks to complete and a 45’ aerial lift was used to complete the mural. The mural has elements of natural Florida wildlife including the Florida panther, beautiful skies and tropical palms over a faux canvas effect on a concrete wall.

Luxury Residential Flower Mural and Artworks

Title: Residential Flower Mural 2018
Dimensions: 8’x 40′ Ultra fine Faux Cement Wall
Medium: Acrylic Paint, Distressed Faux Cement Wall
Location: Miami, FL
Description:  The Color Dreamers is currently created this beautiful residential mural of vintage flowers in collaboration with DiMare Interior Design in Miami, FL. The colors of the mural matched the soft gray of the faux cement finish wall creating a subtle effect of classical art an luxury.

Public Art Painted Pompano Fish Sculptures

Title: Painted Pompano Fish Sculptures
Dimensions: 5′ tall by 5′ in diameter
Medium: Acrylic Paint, Resin, Urethane
Location: Pompano, FL
Description: Early in December 2017 Ivette Cabrera and Amir Shakir began work on composite fish sculptures for the City of Pompano, Florida. The fish will be placed in different parts of Pompano, FL in 2018 as permanent installations. We are excited to see them in their final placements soon!

Free Birds – Hastings, Minnesota Shipping Container Mural

Title: Free Birds – Hastings, Minnesota Shipping Container Mural
Dimensions: 20′ Shipping Container
Medium: Benjamin Moore, Nova Color Acrylic Paints, Sherwin Williams
Location: Hastings, Minnesota – Levee Park
Description: October 13, 2017 The Color Dreamers embarked on a journey to Hastings, Minnesota to perform mural magic on a 20 ft shipping container called the Warming House. The container has been converted into a climate-controlled mobile cabin used at recreational facilities during the snow-covered Hastings’ winter. The project was completed over a 9 day period as The Color Dreamers worked long hours painting in between doing a radio interview on KDWA with Kelly Casey and an interview on Hastings Star Gazettewith Michelle Wirth

Title: Wynwood Smoke Shop & Hookah Lounge

Title: Wynwood Smoke Shop & Hookah Lounge
Dimensions: 2000 sq ft – Interior Design Mural
Medium: Acrylic Paint – Airless Sprayer
Location: Wynwood, Miami, FL
Description: In the heart of Wynwood Miami a new smoke lounge came to life late in October, 2017. The Color Dreamers was honored with the task of creating full interior design murals to match the mood, decor and furniture of the smoke shop and lounge.  The project resulted in two feature murals with surreal animals chilling out for a smoke. One piece features a chimp smoking a cigar called  “Slick Chimp” and the other mural features flamingos smoking a hookah called “Flamingo’s in Paradise”.

Havaianas Slipper Shop Entrance

Title: Havaianas Slipper Shop
Dimensions: 150 sq ft Entrance Cover Mural
Medium: Acrylic Paint
Location: Wynwood, Miami, Florida
Description: Its Art Basel time in Miami around November every year and this year 2017 Havaianas opened a pop up shop right in the middle of Wynwood at 2669 NW 2nd Ave.  The famous Brazilian slipper shop wanted a colorful mural for their entrance cove so The Color Dreamers painted this palm tree and hammock mural called “Flip Flops & Sand”.

Setting Free – PBIA Mural in Olympia, WA

Title: Setting Free – PBIA Mural
Dimensions: 55′ x 15′
Medium: Benjamin Moore & Nova Color Acrylic Paints
Location: Olympia, Washington State
Description: June 14, 2017 The Color Dreamers traveled to Olympia, Washington to produce a mural. The mural was selected by the City of Olympia (PBIA) through a public art jury process. The mural is called “Setting Free” and it is located in downtown Olympia on 4th Ave. and Jefferson St.

Live Painting at FN CEO Summit at Miami Beach Hotel

Title: Live Painting at FN CEO Summit
Dimensions: 96 sq ft – Artist Fabricated panels
Medium: Golf Leaf – Benjamin Moore – Nova Color Acrylic Paints
Location: Miami Beach Edition hotel
Description: May 24th 2017 we took part in the FN CEO Summit featuring top fashion designers from around the world. During the networking event where CEO’s like Victor Luis, of Coach and Christian Louboutin gave presentations The Color Dreamers painted a live mural. The event took place at “Miami Beach Edition” Hotel in Miami Beach, FL.

Cherub Trompe l’oeil at Embassy House

Title: Cherub Trompe l’oeil
Dimensions: 1100 sq ft ceiling
Medium: Nova Color & Sherwin Williams Acrylic Paint
Location: Private Home
Description: After months of planning we’ve finally completed our latest mural, a ceiling trompe l’oeil 30 feet above the main foyer of a residential home. The mural was painted using ladders on top of a 20 ft scaffold and the entire mural measures roughly 1100 square feet. The project was completed over 6 weeks in between remodeling projects taking place at the home. More Photos here.

R House Wynwood Mural – Mount Gay Rum

Title: R House Wynwood Mural – Mount Gay Rum
Dimensions: 6′ x 35′
Medium: Premium Benjamin Moore Acrylic Exterior paint
Location: R House Wynwood
Description: Our latest mural called “Floating Girl” featured in a future Mount Gay rum commercial. We produced this mural at R House Wynwood in the back patio. For this piece, we decided to invite the viewer inside the mural and capture the feeling of being submerged in water with the mysterious floating girl.

Little Haiti Mural Community Project Miami

Title: Little Haiti Mural
Dimensions: 12’ x 60’
Medium: Premium Benjamin Moore Acrylic Exterior paint with Liquitex acrylics and mediums on cement wall
Location: Little Haiti, Miami Corner of 59th Street and NE 2nd Ave.
Description: We teamed up with Little Haiti Mural Project and YoMiami to create a mural in the Little Haiti community that captures the local spirit. The woman in the center represents Erzulie, a Saint from the Vodou history of Haiti that represents beauty and love. The two children to her left and right represent young male and females being prepared for the future.

L’Épicerie French Cafe Mural Wynwood

Title: L’Épicerie Mural
Dimensions: 2 Panels of 9’ x 18’ with lettering total of 364 sq ft
Medium: Premium Benjamin Moore Acrylic Exterior paint with Liquitex acrylics and mediums on cement wall
Location: Wynwood,195 NW 36th St, Miami, FL 33127
Description: We were selected to create murals that portray mother and son working in the kitchen together at L’Épicerie Wynwood Cafe. 352 square feet of wall space was covered including wall preparation, hand lettering and mural painting. The clients wanted us to include the products they sold by local suppliers such as bread, produce and baked goods.

La Nina Street Art Mural Wynwood

Title: La Nina
Dimensions: 20’ x 22’
Medium: Benjamin Moore Acrylic Exterior paint with Liquitex acrylics on cement wall.
Location: 164 NW 20st Wynwood Miami 33127
Description: The headdress was created to depict women from various cultures with the goal to create a sense of self-identify. Throughout time crowns have given worth to individuals indicating their wealth and power as well as defining their influence within that society regardless of their gender or race. I want women to question their own identity, therefore the headdress is drawn in an abstract way to show that every woman wears a crown if she were only to be aware of herself and her own powerful strength.

Discover Thyself Street Art Mural Wynwood


Title: Discover Thyself
Dimensions: 20’ x 20’
Medium: Benjamin Moore exterior acrylic paint with Liquitex acrylics on cement wall.
Location: 164 NW 20st
Description: Mural depicts a human cyborg performing experiments on her schematics. This piece was created to inspire interest in electronics and industrial design while instigating a question about whether the cyborg is controlling the electrical system or being controlled by it. Incorporating the electrical wires coming from the building was well received by the local community as a creative inspiration.

Feather Weight

Title: Feather Weight
Dimensions: 4’ x 8’
Medium: Exterior Acrylic paint on wood panel
Location: Miami Zoo
Description: Artwork was commissioned by the Zoo Miami Foundation. This piece captures the beauty and weightlessness of an elephant in motion while providing a calming and happy mood to its environment.